Saturday, July 31, 2010

No Starcraft II for me... yet.

I have to be quite careful for the time being whilst scouring the internets, as I am currently unemployed and I need to make sure to keep all expenditures to a minimum, which means that all Starcraft II spoilers will be funning rampant.

And you know the worst part about it is? I really, really, really, want to get that Special Edition, with Jim's Dog tags, the DVDs, the comic book, the WoW pet, and the game of course.

I can recall few, if any, bad things about the original Starcraft and I keep hearing good things about the sequel, which took twelve years to make.

Another more important reason for my forbearance is because of the recent trend in game pricing.

I've never paid sixty dollars for a full retail game and never will. The only exceptions are when there are special editions with additional junk that comes with it. And even then, they are not always worth the extra price of admission.

Well, being in part of the beta will eventually get me to write more on this blog and maybe give all two of you who come here something to read!

One can only hope.