Sunday, May 31, 2009

A more interesting subject to talk about.

Wanna read a good post on the WoW forums? This explains the reason why you see so many QQ threads concerning paladins, in a thread written by a paladin asking the forums populace how they would fix Retribition. (Bad idea, in my opinion.)

Nomihoudai (Which, oddly enough, means "All you can drink" in Japanese.) from Spinebreaker said:

The premise of the OP just won't fly on these forums. No one here is interested in making ret balanced.

For 4 years all classes have had the benefit of ret being the village idiot--the one everyone could look down on and feel better about themselves. "Hey, at least I'm not a ret paladin!" was a comforting thought. At least in BC some raids would bring one ret paladin in order to keep up a holy paladin's judgment through CS.

Look at posts on paladin forums before 3.0. At the same time that rets were told they should never be able to do anything resembling half-decent damage, they would also be told that they were OP because of the devil's trifecta of plate, bubble, and heals. Unlike most paladin lore (including outside WoW), paladins were considered to be a healer worse than priests that sometimes did other stuff, due in large part to their status in vanilla WoW.

Now that paladins can put out good damage (although as one who used to play one, I wish the combat system wasn't so whack-a-mole simple), those classes feel threatened. Suddenly they have to develop strategies around rets in pvp. Comps with rets aren't horrible. Rets aren't a waste of a raid slot. They actually need to compete with what used to be the kid they got their lunch money from.

No one here wants a balanced ret paladin. They want their punching bag back. They need someone they can look down on. They don't want to have to look up arena ratings or check gem slots in order to put someone down. Even if you do everything right, in the end you still are a ret paladin, and that alone must mean "you are a face-rolling no-skill baddie."

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay. Nerf your class, buff mine.


A link:
Post #21

The Ferraro Deboggle.

Is just making a mountain out of a molehill.

That is all.

Watch this video and recommend the song for those that are making a bigger deal out of this than it really is.

I'd embed it, but it was disabled upon request of the holder, so, yeah. It's not a Rickroll.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Story Time

As angered as I am about the whole nerf to both Eye for an Eye and Hand of Freedom, this little experience last night made me feel a tad better.

On my warrior, who had just dinged 41 and was happily going about her business leveing in the Badlands, needed to break some Earth Elementals for a quest. What should she find by an 80 BElf mage farming them, most likely for Elemental Earths and vendor trash, as well as the mineral veins there.

Hoping not to cause any trouble, I go about, and away from him, killing the other elementals, hoping to get my quest items before he notices.

No such luck. He ganks me and figuring that I was not my main, and thought I'd just go away.

Wrong on his part.

I get my paladin, bring her to Badlands, and counter-gank him. I wait for him to spawn, only to find him going back to farming. I tell him /shoo. Letting him know that I want this place only for a bit, so I can finish my quest.

This poor individual must not have understood very well, for I had to kill him nine more times before he got the message that I wanted him out of there so my warrior could finish her quest.

Now, the mage has the place all to hiself to farm his twisted heart's content.

Moral of the Story? Be careful whom you gank. It might be someone's epic'd out alt.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

And the Wankers win again...

Rogues cry about synergy between Ret aura and Thorns.

And look what happens.

From MMO Champion:

  • The bonus damage from spell power on the Druid ability Thorns has been reduced by half.
  • The bonus damage from spell power on the Paladin ability Retribution Aura has been reduced by half. The threat generated by that damage has been doubled per point of damage to keep the threat generation about equal to before.

Worse yet, is the crab's response:

Both Thorns and Ret Aura scale with spellpower, which is not in abundance on tanks. On the other hand, on level 80 classes with spell power they could hit an attacker for 1000 or more damage per hit of just passive damage that doesn't even requrie a button press. That's pretty generous.

Greg. If ret aura were to hit anything back for 1k, the RET paladin would need to have around 3500-4000 spell power to hit that hard!

Do you even think these things through?!

Can someone give me a facepalm of epic proportions?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Time!

In spite of recent headaches coming on in real life, there are those that still persist in smiling even in the face of adversity and trial. FOOLISH GNOME! Now you've cursed me with your enthusiasm and have made me want to post a Paladin Movie I found via WoWInsider that every paladin player should watch.


It was a movie made on the Chinese Servers and despite the fact we oft see Chinese players maligned as nothing more than gold farmers, hackers, and what have you, there are legitimate and honest players over there who also share the same sentiments as those of us over here.

It also should be pointed out that they are still able to play the game, somehow, while under the strict and oppresive hand of the Communist Government and much of Lich King had to be changed in order to meet their standards.

Either way, here's hoping the honest Chinese players get their fair share of the good stuff, as Lich King is still not available in China at the moment.