Saturday, May 23, 2009

And the Wankers win again...

Rogues cry about synergy between Ret aura and Thorns.

And look what happens.

From MMO Champion:

  • The bonus damage from spell power on the Druid ability Thorns has been reduced by half.
  • The bonus damage from spell power on the Paladin ability Retribution Aura has been reduced by half. The threat generated by that damage has been doubled per point of damage to keep the threat generation about equal to before.

Worse yet, is the crab's response:

Both Thorns and Ret Aura scale with spellpower, which is not in abundance on tanks. On the other hand, on level 80 classes with spell power they could hit an attacker for 1000 or more damage per hit of just passive damage that doesn't even requrie a button press. That's pretty generous.

Greg. If ret aura were to hit anything back for 1k, the RET paladin would need to have around 3500-4000 spell power to hit that hard!

Do you even think these things through?!

Can someone give me a facepalm of epic proportions?

1 comment:

  1. It's not done to hit Ret paladins. It's done to hit Holy paladins and more importantly, Resto Druids. What a Resto Druid does is pop all their trinkets and specials so that their spellpower is really high, and then cast Thorns on someone.

    Thorns uses the spellpower at the cast time, so it's stuck at an unusually high level because of the temporary bonus spellpower. It's really not fair for temporary bonus spellpower to have a permanent effect of that magnitude.