Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Time!

In spite of recent headaches coming on in real life, there are those that still persist in smiling even in the face of adversity and trial. FOOLISH GNOME! Now you've cursed me with your enthusiasm and have made me want to post a Paladin Movie I found via WoWInsider that every paladin player should watch.


It was a movie made on the Chinese Servers and despite the fact we oft see Chinese players maligned as nothing more than gold farmers, hackers, and what have you, there are legitimate and honest players over there who also share the same sentiments as those of us over here.

It also should be pointed out that they are still able to play the game, somehow, while under the strict and oppresive hand of the Communist Government and much of Lich King had to be changed in order to meet their standards.

Either way, here's hoping the honest Chinese players get their fair share of the good stuff, as Lich King is still not available in China at the moment.

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