Saturday, May 21, 2011

What would I do in 4.2...

Aggra: Oh noes! Thrall's a goner. Will you help me?

Dallanna: Up yours, you s***-skinned hag! I'll just join a group of 25 people and whack the elemental lords. We've already whacked Al'Akir.

Aggra: BAWWW*Smack!*

Dallanna: Shut your hole, woman!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Double Standard of Balancing Ret In-game

As evidenced by Grimbold:

Ret has been more or less balanced in organized PvP several times throughout WotLK and even in Cata before the WoG nerf, but for some reason the devs insist on balancing ret around unrated BGs and sub-1500 arenas, where opponents are less likely to take advantage of our weaknesses against kiting and dispels, and where our lack of offensive utility is less of a problem- not having a snare isnt as much of a big deal when your opponents are too stupid to kite anyway, and even before Cata we could "interrupt" bad casters by just running through them.

It just pisses me off that the way the devs "balance" ret completely contradicts the way they balance other specs.
Ret is OP in low rated arenas but average in organized PvP? TO THE GROUND!
Mages OP in low rated arenas but average in organized PvP? Its fine l2p.
Ret is using its resources to heal instead of DPS? Herp derp we can't be having that, never mind the fact that healing has pretty much always been ret's only strong point compared to other dps specs.
DKs are using their resources to heal instead of DPS? Cool story, bro.

Seriously, what the hell.

Pretty much. And later on, I'll add in the links from blue responses to add to the sheer silliness of it all.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zarhym says one thing, Blizzard does another...

The Zarhym says:

But we don't. Really. So it's a little annoying that you repeatedly spout this stuff as fact because, from your specific perspective and gameplay vantage point, you actually start to believe we would design one faction with more favor than another. The idea is moderately stupid from a lore standpoint, but incredibly dumb from a business standpoint.

Stop saying it. I don't care what anecdotal examples you come across while playing. The bigger picture lacks the conspiracy you wish could justify your complaint.

The Blizzard developers say:


Seriously, Zar, can I call you Zar? I'm gonna call you Zar, if you were to compare the overall written lore between both Horde and Alliance, I would say that your statements are not only contradictory to what the other Blizzard developers have done, both in game and at Blizzcon, but it seems that this statement is only capable of being called "damage control".

You tell us that you care about both factions.

You show that you only care about one by the fact you actually moved their story forward.

The time I checked, turning Redridge into a pastiche of the Rambo movies does *not* move the story forward.

Why are all the Alliance leaders standing around, dumb as posts (And no, Malfurion does not count! He's a damn, dirty, neutral!) while several of the Horde leaders are out actually doing stuff?

How come the Horde still got their intro to Twilight Highlands, while the Alliance's was scrapped and replaced with a lame reference to a long and discountinued webcomic?

But you know what, Zar? I'll give you the chance to prove yourself.

At Blizzcon, *don't* let the CDdevs scream "For the Horde!", *don't* make the Alliance the butt of your Jr High School jokes, *do* start putting the Alliance in the grand scheme of things instead of letting wretched little prima donnas like Thrall steal all the limelight.

*Then*, and only then, will I believe you. Until then, it's all a bunch of hot air.

And for those of you who want to try and say that it's all in the hands of the fans? Drink a gallon of bleach.

The Developers encouraged this kind of behavior by their own behavior, statements, and attention to various aspects of the game. It's Blizzards game, and in their interactions with the community, they never fail to say how cool the Horde is. It's all on them.

Aelamdor was able to voice our concerns far more eloquently than I can at the moment.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Stupid Hordie of the day....

In the story forum, where it's been made quite clear that there is no Role Playing, only discussion of lore; we have Fayn, Role-Playing her own little story and response to Drek'Thar's refusal to aid the Forsaken, while later on in the same thread, she whines,

"Don't want to turn this into yet another Forsaken post.
Just my impressions from a random npc and wondering what everyone else's impressions of random npc's."

So, let me get this straight, you saunter into the Story forums, full well knowing the kind of heated and ban-worthy exchanges going on and instead of forbearing and going against the purpose of the Story forum when you could have gone to the World's End Tavern instead, you very stupidly post said subject, then demand people show the forbearance you, yourself failed to show?

If I had but one superpower, it'd be able to reach through the internet and smack stupid people.

Not much of a choice, really...

...concerning the new predicament the writers and Blizzard have thought up for us, we are now forced to have to save the Green Jesus' soul after its been shattered in four pieces.

Do we *really* have to save Thrall?

Can't there be an option just to let him die?

Because I really hate having to rescue characters that I loathe.

Case in point; for those of you who played Final Fantasy 8, Squall; the biggest wanker of a protagonist next to Cloud from 7, is forced to save a nearly suffocating Rinoa Heartily in space, the most hateful, wretched, unrealistic, brain-dead, arm candy *thing* in the history of video games. For some reason beyond logic, he saves her and then goes to the scene which makes me wants to claw my eyes out, stick an icepick in my ears, then fly to Japan and hunt down Tetsuya Nomura, since it's HIS fault we got this turd of a game.

So, really. Come on, Blizzard, give the Alliance a chance to stick it to the Horde by letting that spineless hypocrite die. It'll actually let the Alliance do something in the actual Warcraft story line, since it seems you're not doing that much with it nowadays.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Petty Anti-Mage post here...

From the tentative 4.2 Patch notes:

  • Ring of Frost now has a 1.5-second cast time.

I've always hated that spell. And now that it's gotten even weaker, I laugh like Nelson Muntz at you! Ha ha!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Updating Elwynn Forest...

Today's post comes from Elenie, who pointed out that the human starting areas are neither engaging, nor progressing.

Elwynn Forest: (This is an easy one as I've had this thought through several times)

In Northshire Abbey, you are met by a Paladin and his squire (a quiet kind of man), whom assists you in fighting back the Blackrock Orcs and killing Goblin Spies and such. At the end of Northshire, said squire's mentor is slain by the Blackrock leader and you and he avenge his death, during the process of which we have a mini Turalyon moment where the squire picks up his master's sword and leads the demoralized forces of the Abbey to victory.

Upon entering Goldshire you immediately pick up several quests dealing with the mayor, things such as taking back goods and such that Bandits stole (be a good reason to visit the area north of Goldshire, between SW and the Abbey where those camps are). Before handing them in, your squire friend from Northshire (Let's just call him Joshua for the sake of having a name), detains you briefly.

Investigating the crates you find objects and such that aren't quite right for a public official to possess; Ladies undergarments, illegal substances, etc... as well as order forms all in the mayor's name. The Paladin explains the man is well known as a Hedonist and a weird one at that, but you didn't find what he was looking for.

Continuing along, you head south to the mines which are -held- and being used by Stormwind. The deepest parts of the mine are infested by imps. The Foreman mentions that before they'd cleared it out, the Kobolds had begun practicing demonic magic somehow. When you get to the deepest part of the mines (through a hidden door), you find a stone chamber piled with corpses and mutilated remains of numerous people, and Joshua kneeling down amidst them, reciting a knight's song to speed the souls of the innocent slain by evil to the next life.

He tells you that at Northshire he found a burned bit of parchment on the Blackrock leader's person with a seal that looks like it might belong to the Mayor of Goldshire, and that he felt a deep sense of foreboding about the man, and had been investigating him since. Although the Mayor had enough vice under his belt to throw off most investigators from believing him guilty of anything serious, Joshua's persistence led him to this underground chamber. He believes the Foreman of the mine is either being bribed or coerced into keeping quiet about it.

You part again, promising to keep this quiet, and move on to the farm of Tommy-Joe and Maybel, where you're asked to go looking for their missing children. After investating the two (still feuding) families, you're convinced neither took their grandchildren to spite their children or in-laws. Joshua meets you again and convinces you to head up to the Thunder Falls with him.

You find the children in a cave behind the waterfall, with several Forsaken warlocks. Dispatching them and freeing the children, Joshua offers to take them home so as to keep them safe, while you search for evidence. Finding blatant Twilight's Hammer stuff everywhere, you're about to assume it was them, when you notice on your way out a ring on the ground with the insignia of Goldshire on it.

When you return to the farm and meet Joshua, he muses that the Twilight's Hammer doesn't quite add up, and asks you to take the ring to a retired Marshal in the Eastvale Logging Camp. The man identifies it as being the seal of the mayor of Goldshire, except for a strange etching on the back that he hadn't seen since he was in the Second War and destroyed an Altar of Storms.

The head of the logging camp states that some of her peasant workers were abducted by the murlocs. You head to the large island in the middle of the nearby lake and find the murlocs slaughtering them. You attempt to destroy them before they slaughter everyone, and die in the process. Joshua arrives, battles through them to your corpse, bubbles, and performs a Mass Ressurection. Together with the Peasants who arm themselves from several of the murlocs you killed, you drive the beasts off.

On the lead murloc's corpse, you find a missive signed in the name of the Mayor of Goldshire, speaking about how important it is to slaughter the peasants on the island because of a leyline, and that the murlocs needed to follow some ritual. Joshua determines it is demonic and that the Mayor has been behind Elwynn's problems from the start. You and he fly over to the Westbrook Garrison.

Intending to speak to the commander there, you find out the man is dead thanks to Hogger, and the men are in disarray. Joshua rallies them and takes command, marching a large regiment south with you to destroy the Gnolls and Capture Hogger (he belives Hogger might be in on the Mayor's scheme and wants to ask questions). After Capturing Hogger, two mages teleport the beast off to the Stockade on Joshua's orders. With the Garrison under his control, he orders the men to move out to Goldshire and place the town under martial law, and bring forth the Mayor.

Arriving in a phased Goldshire, Joshua stands in the town square in the center of a ring of guards with the civilians outside it. The mayor laughs at the young Paladin's accusations and dismisses the proof you've collected as, 'Enemy Propoganda.' Joshua lifts a relic he found in the mines and breaks it with his shield. The mayor lets out an inhuman scream as various energies flow out of him, reducing him to looking akin to a Forsaken or Wretched. Joshua, you, and several guards escort the man to Stormwind in chains, to the throne room for a trial.

Varian, at first shocked and horrified at what he see's, listens to the accounts of you and Joshua, looks at the presented evidence, and agrees the man is guilty of consorting with dark forces for his own personal gain, betraying his duty and station as the mayor of Goldshire and leader of that region. The sentence of death is carried out. Varian congratulates you both and assures you a new Mayor will be appointed to Goldshire. Joshua mentions heading to Westfall due to some rumors disparaging the King's good name. He bids you farewell.

From there on out you'd see him periodically in the other human zones, watching this Paladin grow into something more of a decent character representing Stormwind. When he aggro's you'd hear him say, "For the King," in a deep, calm voice.

[Edit]: Grammatical errors, and to quote the person who requested my thoughts. Sorry for the length. Also...

TL;DR - I'd make Elwynn have an over-all storyline.

Monday, May 2, 2011

For Prosperity...

I've also decided to start copying and pasting posts from the official forums and posting them here so they can get more exposure, since more of them deal with how to enhance the Alliance experience.

Today's post comes from long time Draenei enthusiast, Alanii on how the starting area for her chosen race can be improved.

I 've been toying around with the idea of creating a thread that voices what I would like to do with the Draenei low-leveling experience. Inspired by Lochnar's similar thread on the subject, I've decided to make my own, with my own hopes and dreams poured into it. And since it's not secret I love Draenei, I will be writing this about their 1-20 leveling experience.

1. As you start in Ammen Vale, you notice that the area has been cleaned up of debris. The pod in the center has been fully repaired, and you see Draenei training fiercely as an inspiring figure looms above their exercises. A Draenei woman we will come to know as Kasharu. Kasharu will guide your character through Ammen Vale, issues a few quests suitable of cutting your teeth in her new militaristic vision for the Draenei people. Some of the quests designed that they almost kill you in some instances. Through these 1-5 quests you are introduced to a Draenei warrior named Torthur, a Draenei Magi named Voli and a Draenei Anchorite named Jarhul. These characters will level with you through the 1-5 experience by accompanying you on certain quests.

2. You set out to Azure Watch with your small band of Draenei companions who share a bit of flavor text as you travel. Now instead of travelling on foot to Azure Watch, a 60% Elekk carries the 4 of you to your destination. As you come to Azure Watch you find it has also been repaired and fortified with Naaru-style architecture, everything salvaged from the various crash sites throughout the city.

3. From here you do a few quests that send you to various areas killing hostile furbolgs and driving away Naga (much like you did in BC) with a few twists here and there. You also do a few quests explaining Draenei mages and their techniques, and getting to see them in action. You find Silvermyst Isle has added a small Draenei fishing village in Draenei architecture, this area gives you a few quests on the small island. Odyesyus' landing has been reinforced with Northrend style human architecture and gives you a few quests and insight on Draenei relations with the rest of the Alliance.

4. When you return to the mainland, you find disturbing reports of Orcs in the area, though no confirmed cases. As you are sent to investigate the reports coming from the road leading to the Stillpine Hold, you are ambushed by a group of 7 orcs. You and your leveling allies fight them off, and you decide to check on Stillpine hold to see if this means it has been attacked. Your suspicions are confirmed and the Stillpine have been decimated by Horde encroachers. You aid the holdouts in fending off the Horde attack, and slay a Horde commander that took control of the den, there you learn of a coming Horde attack.

5. With this information, you report to the Exarch of Azure Watch, who is troubled by these recent events. He tells you to report this to Velen. As you ride to the Exodar, your companions continue to share flavor text, this time relating to their feelings on the attack, and reflecting on what they lost the last time the Orcs attacked them. As you come to Exodar, you see it has been repaired for the most part, though it still remains firmly rooted in the ground. As you ride into the Exodar's court, you see Draenei mages summoning a portal to Shattrath, where you see Draenei and Broken refugees from Shattrath filing in to the area.

6. As you come to the Vault of Lights, you find that Ishanah has made her return to the Exodar, and she speaks with Velen. As you relay the information of impending attacks with Velen, he solemnly nods and says he has foreseen it, but he does not know the outcome. Though he urges you to refrain from attacking current Horde forces, he sends you to Akama, who has also made his return from Outland to settle in Azuremyst with his Ashtongue Deathsworn clan. Velen tells you to trust his skills in subterfuge, and tells you to accompany him in watching the Horde troops.

7. Your leveling buddies (who literally gain levels as you do) are told to continue on to Silvergale Watch on the formerly Bloodmyst Isle without you by Akama. Akama takes you and a few Ashtongue to check on the Horde forces. As you come to Emberglade, you find out the entire area has been clearcut, and Horde have already set up a landing. Akama decides the time to act is now, and denies Velen's orders. You and the group of Ashtongue assault the camp, destroying it, and taking hold of Demolishers in the camp to destroy incoming Horde ships. With the job completed, he tells you to go directly to Silvergale Watch instead of reporting back to Velen, he suspects they will attack there soon as well.

8. When you come to Silvergale, you find it has a similar silvery glow to the land like Silvermyst, and it has been completely cleared of the pollution. On your way to Silvergale Watch, you are given a few unrelated errand quests by Kessel and his friends. After that, upon coming to Silvergale, you reunite with your leveling buddies as well as Kasharu. When you report to Kasharu the coming Horde attacks, she becomes inconsolable with rage. Just then, Horde attack the Watch, and you successfully repel the raid through a few quests alongside Kasharu and your leveling buddies. It is during these quests you get to see Kasharu kick ridiculous amounts of ass, and learn she is quite powerful.

9. From here, Kasharu sends you on quests to attack outlying Horde posts that have been set up in areas to try to pin the Draenei in one position. During these quests, you are joined by your buddy Torthur. While on these quests, you are also sent to Morae's Refuge which has been built upon the Cryocore.

10. At Morae's refuge, you find that Morae has become an Anchorite, and leads this area in healing the sick and helping the less fortunate in the area. From here, you are given quests to slay a few demon camps that stubbornly resisted the Draenei's efforts in exterminating them after cleansing the island of the radiation. You are joined on these quests by Jarhul, he helps you smite the evil demons with the power of the Light, and uses it to heal and rescue Draenei in some areas. During this time you also have the option of going to Bloodcurse Isle.

11. You are also given quests to go to Bloodcurse Isle. Where, to add injury to further injury, you find Naga are summoning a magic storm to destroy both the Draenei and the Horde. Voli accompanies you here. This area is constanly raining, raining so hard it forms a thick, grey curtain and you are constantly slowed by 40% while travelling here. Upon climbing to the peak where the shrine is, you find a very powerful elite Naga sorceress. You fend her off while Voli absorbs the power of the storm for one minute. This involves dodging waterspouts and tornados on the small platform while damaging the sorceress. After one minute, Voli fully absorbs the storm, and blasts the Sorceress with its full power, insantly killing her.

12. After these quests, Akama finds you in the Bloodmyst town square. He tells you he has discovered Horde are sending a large fleet of troops to the Vector Coil, which they rested from Draenei hands. They intend to overload it, and cause it to eminate its aura of corruption again, in order to slow the efforts of the Draenei. He accompanies you to the Vector Coil and gives you a few quests. One involes you and a team of Ashtongue infiltrating the docked Horde ships on the west side of the Vector Coil. After the crew of these ships are dismantled, the Ashtongue sail them out to sea. Akama explains that they will pretend to be Horde ships, before kamikazing them into the incoming Horde ships. After a few minutes, you see this play out, and the Ashtongue on the ships swim back to shore.

13. With the reinforcements intercepted, you climb to the peak of the Vector Coil to find a powerful elite Orc Warlock dressed in the Corrupter warlock set. You and Akama contront him. While the Orc warlock is too strong for you to kill or hurt in a significant way, Akama tanks him and easily cuts him down to size - in the meantime you fight off his underlings and demons. After he is killed, you report back to Kasharu.

14. Kasharu tells you that trackers have returned with intelligence that suggests the Horde were able to land a force on Wyrmscar Island. Upon approaching the island, you find they have a fortress set up in classic Orc design, with wooden walls and fortifications. Kasharu and your Draenei leveling bodies join you. You find that while they are the same level as you, they are also now elite, and wear special garb. Torthur wears a white&gold version of Warrior T5, the flames are purple instead of orange. Voli wears a purple&white version of Mage T5, and Jarhul wears a blue&gold version of priest T4. Kasharu wears her standard Vindicator set, with a Hammer of the Naaru.

15. While on the Isle; Kasharu gives you a quest to kill a large amount of Horde soldiers on the island (all of which are elite, but easily handled by you and your companions), Voli gives you a quest to kill the Blood elf magisters that are using the leylines on the island to summon a portal for more reinforcements, Torthur gives you a quest to kill 3 powerful Horde officers on the island, and Jarhul gives you a quest to purge powerful Forsaken units, all of which die nearly instantly from a special sigil he gives you that strikes them with a powerful Holy Fire spell.

16. After all these quests are completed, Kasharu gives you a quest to go to the very top of the Isle, where Horde have built a large fortress, to kill the commander of the troops there. After fighting your way up, you find that the fortress is devoid of the commanders presence. Just then, a stream of Horde soldiers pour in to the fortress, which you and your elite allies fend off, until gradually your leveling buddies die, one by one, except for Voli, who Ice Blocks at 1 health and remains so. Eventually, it becomes too much for even you and Kasharu. Kasharu places you in a Divine Intervention spell you cannot cancel, while she selflessly fights on. As soon as she hits 1 health, she gains the buff "Undying Will" and refuses to die. She continues to fight on, going into a holy frenzy.

After killing a large amount of Horde troops, the Commander personally shows up. He is an old Orc warrior dressed in red Death Knight uncommon armor (The blue set, though he is not a Death Knight). Upon showing up, he recognizes Kasharu, and the following interaction takes place:

Blood Guard Harzhur: Enough of this! I will slay these Draenei myself.

Harzhur enters the room, where Kasharu stands admist the carnage of Horde bodies, and the bodies of Torthur and Jarhul. Harzhur stares hard at the Draenei woman standing before him.

Blood Guard Harzhur: You... I remember you. Arklon...

Kasharu: Yes, Arklon, where you and your wicked allies slayed my people. You took everything away from me, you black-blooded fool. My husband, my children... I will never have them again because of you.

Blood Guard Harzhur is taken aback, he slowly draws his axes, but is hesitant.

Blood Guard Harzhur: You do not understand... We -

Kasharu: No, I understand completely! You Orcs are nothing but bloodthirsty monsters! You betrayed us on Draenor, and now after all we have done to help this world, you betray us here too!

Kasharu: You took everything away from me, and my people on Draenor. And on this day, you seek to take away everything our people have given their blood, sweat and tears for! Am I to wait for you to see reason here, while you actively come to take away everything I care about!?

Kasharu grips her hammer tightly, and enters a battle stance. Her eyes begin to glow a fierce gold.

Kasharu: No.

Blood Guard Harzhur charges.

Blood Guard Harzhur mutters: I take no joy in this...

17. Kasharu then casts a Lay on Hands spell on you, healing you and her to full. You are then able to join her in fighting the Blood Guard. Voli unfreezes herself as well, standing back and casting spells at 1 health. Upon reducing the Orc to 30%, Kasharu rears her hammer back while golden holy energy flows around its head and her hands gripped around the base - she casts one last devastating strike, instantly reducing his health to 1.

Blood Guard Harzhur: Finish.... Finish me. If it will repair the pain my people have caused you...

Kasharu clenches her teeth, and takes a step to him. She brings her gauntlet clad fist across his head.

Kasharu: After everything you Orcs have done, you deserve a slow, painful death. I will take no pleasure in putting you out of your misery.

Just then, a portal opens and Velen appears through it.

Velen: My daughter, calm yourself. This is not our way.

Kasharu glares at Velen defiantly.

Kasharu: No, Velen! I am tired of listening to you! I am tired of sitting by as a pacifist while watching our people die! My family, Velen! My beloved was tortured to death! My children...

Kasharu fights back tears under a guise of fierce anger, her voice shivering in pain.

Velen: I understand your loss, Kasharu. We have endured much, but we will never heal this pain if we seek vengeance for past wrongs. Let go, my child. Let go, and be healed.

Kasharu pauses for a moment, staring at Velen. She suddenly turns to Harzhur, bringing her hammer onto his skull and killing him swiftly. She turns back to Velen, who looks on unphased.

Kasharu: I am done listening to your ramblings, you blind fool. I will make sure these Orcs are kept away from our people, and that they are stopped before they become what they were on Draenor. I swear it to you and the millions of our slain people. The Orcs will feel reckoning.

Kasharu turns and storms from the fortress.

Voli kneels beside the bodies of Torthur and Jarhul, and weeps quietly.

Velen turns to you, with a sigh.

Velen: I see it in your future, young one. I see what you will do. You will commit many atrocities in the future for what you feel you must do. I cannot dissaude you, but I must tell you: Remember the past, but do not act on it.

Velen disappears through the portal behind him.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Off-Topic: Virtual Choir 2.0.

Here is what happens when you use Youtube to assemble more than 1500 people to sing a single song...