Saturday, May 7, 2011

Zarhym says one thing, Blizzard does another...

The Zarhym says:

But we don't. Really. So it's a little annoying that you repeatedly spout this stuff as fact because, from your specific perspective and gameplay vantage point, you actually start to believe we would design one faction with more favor than another. The idea is moderately stupid from a lore standpoint, but incredibly dumb from a business standpoint.

Stop saying it. I don't care what anecdotal examples you come across while playing. The bigger picture lacks the conspiracy you wish could justify your complaint.

The Blizzard developers say:


Seriously, Zar, can I call you Zar? I'm gonna call you Zar, if you were to compare the overall written lore between both Horde and Alliance, I would say that your statements are not only contradictory to what the other Blizzard developers have done, both in game and at Blizzcon, but it seems that this statement is only capable of being called "damage control".

You tell us that you care about both factions.

You show that you only care about one by the fact you actually moved their story forward.

The time I checked, turning Redridge into a pastiche of the Rambo movies does *not* move the story forward.

Why are all the Alliance leaders standing around, dumb as posts (And no, Malfurion does not count! He's a damn, dirty, neutral!) while several of the Horde leaders are out actually doing stuff?

How come the Horde still got their intro to Twilight Highlands, while the Alliance's was scrapped and replaced with a lame reference to a long and discountinued webcomic?

But you know what, Zar? I'll give you the chance to prove yourself.

At Blizzcon, *don't* let the CDdevs scream "For the Horde!", *don't* make the Alliance the butt of your Jr High School jokes, *do* start putting the Alliance in the grand scheme of things instead of letting wretched little prima donnas like Thrall steal all the limelight.

*Then*, and only then, will I believe you. Until then, it's all a bunch of hot air.

And for those of you who want to try and say that it's all in the hands of the fans? Drink a gallon of bleach.

The Developers encouraged this kind of behavior by their own behavior, statements, and attention to various aspects of the game. It's Blizzards game, and in their interactions with the community, they never fail to say how cool the Horde is. It's all on them.

Aelamdor was able to voice our concerns far more eloquently than I can at the moment.

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