Friday, May 6, 2011

Not much of a choice, really...

...concerning the new predicament the writers and Blizzard have thought up for us, we are now forced to have to save the Green Jesus' soul after its been shattered in four pieces.

Do we *really* have to save Thrall?

Can't there be an option just to let him die?

Because I really hate having to rescue characters that I loathe.

Case in point; for those of you who played Final Fantasy 8, Squall; the biggest wanker of a protagonist next to Cloud from 7, is forced to save a nearly suffocating Rinoa Heartily in space, the most hateful, wretched, unrealistic, brain-dead, arm candy *thing* in the history of video games. For some reason beyond logic, he saves her and then goes to the scene which makes me wants to claw my eyes out, stick an icepick in my ears, then fly to Japan and hunt down Tetsuya Nomura, since it's HIS fault we got this turd of a game.

So, really. Come on, Blizzard, give the Alliance a chance to stick it to the Horde by letting that spineless hypocrite die. It'll actually let the Alliance do something in the actual Warcraft story line, since it seems you're not doing that much with it nowadays.

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