Monday, December 20, 2010

Alliance Punditry: A Response to Tenthunders

In response to a blog post concerning the views of the War by Tenthunders.

I hate to be a damper on your attempts at parity here, but you're omitting a few vital points that only seem to paint the Horde as a noble bearing, rag-tag group of misfits, when in reality, they're no different than the Horde that ravaged Stormwind back in the First War, nearly destroyed all of Outland, and almost turned Azeroth into the same barren and dead world that Draenor had become.

The Forsaken, despite all claims to the contrary, have become that which they've hated the most. The Scourge. Now that there's no Lich King to hate, they turn their sword on the living and using the same Valk'yr the Lich King used, they force the curse of undeath upon more people (many of whom are innocent and non-combatants), painting that undead streetwalker, Sylvannas, as an even bigger hypocrite than Garrosh. Why the Argent Crusade hasn't called that whore to task is beyond me.

And the orcs. Oh yes. While it was certainly unfortunate that they were suffering from a drought and famine, to assume that gives them carte blanche to waltz into Ashenvale, cut down trees to incite the Night Elves, enslave Furbolgs, desecrate the land for their war machine, murder neutral parties, is foolish and naive at best. As for the conflict, perhaps, if Thrall did have any balls instead of sitting on his hands for all those times, could have pulled the Warsong, the notoriously bellicose and bloodthirsty tribe (even before the demon blood lust). But he didn't. While certainly, there is blame on both sides, the greater blame lies upon the Orcs for stealing what was never theirs and killing the natives.

No, this isn't about survival at all.

This is all about Garrosh' balls. He can spout all the kodo turds he likes about honor and all that, but when he's waging a war to conquer all of Azeroth, even in the face of the elements raging and Deathwing running amok, he is, in fact, worse than his erring father, Grommash.

The Horde has foolishly believed they can take what they wish without paying, now, it's time for the Alliance to collect. And nothing short of either complete dissolution of the Horde or the extermination of the orcs and Forsaken will suffice.