Friday, May 29, 2009

Story Time

As angered as I am about the whole nerf to both Eye for an Eye and Hand of Freedom, this little experience last night made me feel a tad better.

On my warrior, who had just dinged 41 and was happily going about her business leveing in the Badlands, needed to break some Earth Elementals for a quest. What should she find by an 80 BElf mage farming them, most likely for Elemental Earths and vendor trash, as well as the mineral veins there.

Hoping not to cause any trouble, I go about, and away from him, killing the other elementals, hoping to get my quest items before he notices.

No such luck. He ganks me and figuring that I was not my main, and thought I'd just go away.

Wrong on his part.

I get my paladin, bring her to Badlands, and counter-gank him. I wait for him to spawn, only to find him going back to farming. I tell him /shoo. Letting him know that I want this place only for a bit, so I can finish my quest.

This poor individual must not have understood very well, for I had to kill him nine more times before he got the message that I wanted him out of there so my warrior could finish her quest.

Now, the mage has the place all to hiself to farm his twisted heart's content.

Moral of the Story? Be careful whom you gank. It might be someone's epic'd out alt.

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