Sunday, June 21, 2009

For our Fathers...

This is a post I did in the RP forum, detailing my main's relationship with her father.

Da, ye were an odd one.


Not once did I hear ye raise yer hand or voice in anger against me, mum, or me brothers. Well... mum woulda kicked yer ass if ye did, but that's beside the point....

Ye were patient as the mountains when it came to bein' a parent, considerin' how much trouble we all got in when we were kids.

Ye were supportive of me covertin' to the Lightsworn and my choice to become a paladin all those years ago.

We didn' speak much, but then again, we didn' need to. Every time ye smiled at me when I did something great spoke volumes.... and whenever I got in trouble, that stern and disappointed look ye gave me made me want to hide meself under Blackrock Mountain.... which, ironically, that was one of the secrets to being a parent, which ye told me when I had me first boy.

I'll always be grateful.

Here's to ye, Da... sneaky bastard.

*Chug, chug, chug, thud.*

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