Thursday, August 6, 2009

3.2 initial reports... and Icehowl down. Well done, Malice!

...well, tuesday was too laggy for us on Sargeras to try and to the new raid, so we went to Ulduar and got pwned by a bugged out XT... which would not surprise me at all and to wake up the scrub raids trying to farm him.

Wednesday, however, it was more stable and we were able to complete the first challenge in Trial of the Crusader.

As for pvp... I think I'm gonna wait until my other paladin is 80, so I can move Dallanna to full time Ret pvp and the other to PvE, before I try stepping into the arena again, but I'm going to try 3s and hope to get some of that sweet new Robocop pally gear they got there.

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