Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gotta love the Horde....

...when people say amazing things such as;

Lady Sylvanas is way hot.

'Nuf said

Just go to show, that even if you make a corpse with all the personality of a turnip dress like some Jersey Shore tramp, the little wankers will act just like Ivan Pavlov's dogs.


  1. lol, now that is probably the best thing I have ever heard said about Sylvanas... now don't you go saying the same things about Jaina... sure she is a simpering mess of a fail mage... but she is our fail mage!

  2. The sad this is, I can't say anything bad because Jaina does it all for us. :( And to think she was the best Alliance character we had in WC3, since all our heroes were being sent to the chopping block.