Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A temporary hiatus from the game, but not the blog.

Next monday, my timecard for WoW expires.

The primary reason is that WoW has become too much of a liability in terms of time required and money, especially when I still need to look long and hard for a job. It's in part my fault for not being better with my time, I will admit, but part of the design of WoW should not be left blameless on this account.

However, just because I am leaving the game for a while as I look for work, does not mean I can't say what I feel here. And best of all, you can't get banned by Horde loving Douchebags that hate the idea of ANYONE calling out the horde for the bad things they do. If you want to bring it on, I've got ten friends here, (insert ten names of Bad-ass individuals here), that'd be more than willing to let you have it.

In another post, I'm gonna list another reason why I left the game and it has more to do with the above paragraph than the money, but it's not the exact reason. Beware the dwarf, people!

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